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   We invite you to visit our Historical Organic Apple Orchard that was  planted in the 1850's by the Irish settlers who travelled by tall ships across the Atlantic Ocean to Canada. These pioneers made their way to the community of Valentia. Among their belongings were Irish apples, and special ones that were cider apples. They planted these apple seeds in these most fertile soils. Trees grew and prospered, and for decades have reproduced, thrived and survived to produce a most wonderful, delicious natural organic cider.

Dromoland Orchard & Stables is a beautiful sanctuary where thousands of apple blossoms bloom with a fresh fragrance that is unforgettable.

 Gentle horses and ponies graze, and there are scenic trails for horseback riding. Families and children embrace this harmony with nature, and might pick a few apples, explore the Enchanted Fairy Forest, take-in the fresh air, open skies and local waterways.

All are welcome at our Special Events and to take a ride on the Town Trolley, which may be booked for your wedding or other excursions.

Dromoland is a refreshing experience that has something for everyone !   


CALL 1-800-979-2913

E-mail  info@dromoland.ca