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Our passion is sharing of this wonderful Sanctuary to reflect, connect and to recharge oneself. Call Today 1-800-979-2913

" Cider , and doughnuts,

make old people's tales and

old jokes sound fresh and

crisp and enchanting "

Cider itself is fresh, crisp

and enchanting. And never

better than when it's cider

is from your own home press "


Our team is made up of group of exceptional people dedicated to preserving a time and experience in an environment where we can connect with nature in a sanctuary. Our personnel are Arborists, Writers, Equine and Educators. Learn to be taught to ride your first horse through our Imagine Trail , or a Picnic during Apple Blossom Season ...or maybe Pick some Juicy Apples to take home for later. Come for wonderful photograghy and settings or for your special event. Inspiration is what Dromoland is about with Arts, Literature, History and Nature in its Glory. Ideal for Weddings

and Celebrations or even Pictures for Special Days.

If having your children learn about the connection of nature and man this setting is wonderful with pollination with bees to our orchard. If you would like to Read or Write or maybe just sip on some Organic, Pure Natural Apple Cider with a Apple Fritter it just might be the day you or the family would enjoy.